About Us

We work closely with offshore private banking with other bank members to help users obtain reliable financial information.
We are a vital source of financial and technical assistance to users and companies. Established in 1971, its mission is to bring reliable information and fight poverty with passion.
The ICOPB added to commission also institutions like:
International Banks
International Development Associations
International Finance Corporations
International Investment Companies
Private and Decentralized Banks
Private and Decentralized Investments companies
Private and Decentralized Financial companies
Our Board
Established in 2001, ICOPB is owned by 177 private member countries, a group that collectively determines our policies. Through a Board of Governors and a Board of Directors, our member countries guide ICOPB’s programs and activities.
Each of our member countries appoints one governor and one alternate. Corporate powers are vested in the Board of Governors, which delegates most powers to a board of 14 directors. Voting power on issues brought before them is weighted according to the share capital each director represents.
The directors meet regularly at ICOPB headquarters in Barhain, where they review and decide on complains and investments and provide overall strategic guidance to ICOPB management.

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