Force Tower Investors Group invests in the purchase, sale and exchange of cryptocurrencies

Force Tower Investors Group has invested in, a cryptocurrency company dedicated to the purchase, sale and exchange of cryptocurrencies. closed a Series B financing round for US $ 40 million, with investments from FTIG, Banco Bursátil, VC, CBanco, the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

The company, founded in 2016, has had an evolution in its corporate purpose of options, purchase, sale and exchange of cryptocurrencies with a fundamental view to the Spanish, Portuguese, Caribbean and Latin American markets.
Force Tower Investors Group was the company that invested the most in research and development during 2018 «The strategy of 10XOptions in the cryptocurrency market is to facilitate the purchase, sale and exchange of cryptocurrencies by providing a simple, 100% functional platform on time with the cryptocurrency market, 100% online and with ease of use. Designed even for kids to invest, said Robert Arcadio, manager of
With the latest round of funding, raised $ 70 million in total. Previously, it had the support of Sierra Ventures, 10XSolutions Funds, Coltecom Venture Capital, Eloy Venture Partners and Casa Ventures.
10XOptions employs about 40 people and has offices in the United States, Panama, Israel, and Cyprus. It is exploring the possibility of opening offices in Colombia, Chile and Ecuador, Jackson Slaver, the company’s marketing and business development manager, told The Tampa Herald.

Force Tower Investors Group has dozens of clients in Europe and Asia, including startups in technology, telecommunications, clean energy, agribusiness, cosmetics, hotels, tourism, finance and others.